Windows 7 – How to create a Network Place

A network place is a shortcut to a website, FTP site or other network location such as a SharePoint document library.
Once created the network place will be available from ‘Computer’ or the ‘save as’ dialogue box – allowing you quick access to your favourite network places.

The following steps can be used to add a network place when running Windows 7.

  1. Click on the Windows Start button in the bottom left hand corner of the screen
  2. Click on Computer
  3. Windows7-NetworkPlace1
  4. Right-click on the  ‘Computer’ icon on the left hand side of the window
  5. From the list select ‘Add a network location’
  6.  Windows7-NetworkPlace2
  7. The “Add Network Location” wizard will open, click ‘Next’
  8. Ensure that ‘Choose a custom network location’ is selected and then click ‘Next’
  9. Windows7-NetworkPlace3
  10. Enter the address of the network folder or FTP site you wish to add into the ‘Internet or network address’ field
  11. Windows7-NetworkPlace4
  12. Click ‘Next’
  13. IF YOU ARE ADDING AN FTP SITE: you will be prompted for the User Name, enter as required then click ‘Next’
  14. Type a name for the network place
  15. Windows7-NetworkPlace5
  16. Click Finish to complete
  1. The new network place can be accessed from the ‘Computer’ window.
  2. Windows7-NetworkPlace6

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