Windows 7 – How to create a System Restore point

Windows 7 has a feature called System Restore which automatically backs up registry and system files whenever you install new software or drivers.

It can be used to repair a system which has become slow or unstable since installing new software or hardware.

Most applications will automatically create a restore point, however if you’re unsure about the reliability of the software you may want to manually create a restore point before continuing.

To manually create a restore point:

  1. Open up the Start Menu and right-click on ‘Computer’  then select ‘Properties’
  2. MSWin7-Restore4
  3. Select ‘System proection’ from the left hand list
  4. MSWin7-Restore5
  5. Click on the ‘Create’ button
  6. Enter a description for the restore point, for example Restore Point Before Installing Update
  7. Click on the ‘Create’ button
  8. Windows will begin creating the restore point
  9. MSWin7-Restore6
  10. When finished, click the ‘Close’ button then ‘OK’ to close the window

See Windows 7 – How to use System Restore if you need to use this restoration point.