Windows 7 – How to display file extensions

All files in Windows have a file extension, this is how Windows knows what file opens in which application.

The extension is part of the file name and comes after the dot, for example Document.docx

By default in Windows 7 file extensions are not displayed. The steps below detail how to display them.

  1. Open Windows explorer, for example, open ‘Computer’ (My Computer)
  2. Click the ‘Alt’ button on the keyboard to display the file menu
  3. Then select ‘Tools’ and ‘Folder options’
  4. MSWindows7-DisplayFileExtension1
  5. Open the ‘View’ tab then un-tick ‘Hide extensions for known file types’
  6. MSWindows7-DisplayFileExtension2
  7. Click ‘OK’ to save the changes
  8. File extensions will now be visable in Windows Explorer.
  9. MSWindows7-DisplayFileExtension3

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