Crystal Reports – How to display selected parameter values

The following steps show how to display selected parameter values in a Crystal Report.

For example, when running a report a parameter value is used to filter the report results – in this example, names of users.

This can make a report easier for people to understand when a filter has been applied – so there is an understanding of the limits applied to the displayed report.

  1. Right-click on ‘Formula Fields’ and choose ‘New’
  2. Give the formula field a name, e.g. prompt_selected_name
  3. Now enter the following formula – replace {?prompt_name} with you parameter field
  4. join({?prompt_name},',')
  5. Save and close the editor
  6. Insert the formula field into the report and run the report


Bonus formatting tip

To display each selected parameter on it’s own line, set the formula to

join({?prompt_name},',' + Chr(10))

and enable ‘Can Grow’ in the field formatting. (Right-click on the field, Format Field, Common tab, tick ‘Can Grow’)

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