The difference between Win + D and Win + M commands

Experienced Windows users will know there’s two commands to minimise all windows Win + D (show desktop) Win + M (minimise) They may appear to be the same – but they are very slightly different. Here’s 3 ways Win + D (show desktop) and Win + M (minimise) are different. […]

Blocked folder names in Windows 10

If you try to create a folder in Windows 10 called “con” you will get a surprise – it’s not allowed. Instead you get an error which reads The specified device name is invalid. What device and why? This happens because “con” is a reserved system term in the Windows […]

How to decrud a fresh install of Windows 10

Crud Noun A substance which is considered unpleasant or disgusting, typically because of its dirtiness. Windows 10 has a unique ability to provide an over the top experience for a fresh install. In previous versions of Windows only a small number of changes were required to make the user experience […]

Windows 10 gets pushy with Edge

Microsoft are a long time players in the browser wars with the Internet Explorer browser – but it has a problem, a branding problem – no matter how much they improve Internet Explorer it will always be remembered for it’s poor performance and inability to stick to web standards – […]